Dialogue with the future, Sanriku and Indonesia
Sanriku International Art Festival 2019

Aceh, Indonesia is the disaster area of the Sumatra Earthquake in 2004. Tohoku is the disaster area of the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. The Laboratory for Global Dialogue has conducted the exchange projects between Aceh and Tohoku since 2013.

From 2017, it has developed into "Aceh-Japan Community Art Project". We visited and learned each other. we got various awareness or resonance from the "outside" point of view.

At "Sanriku International Art Festival 2019", we will have 6 projects based on results with people in Aceh. We will get rich experiences and encounters in Sanriku and it will make the project better in Aceh as a 15th anniversary of the Sumatra Earthquake in 2019. Like a play catch we will continue to make such mutual exchanges by culture forever.

6 projects in Iwate and Miyagi
Otsuchi, Iwate and Kesennuma, Miyagi

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Project01Video and Exhibition

"Indonesian in Kesennuma"

<date> Mar 2-24, 2019
<place> Kesennuma Library/Yodhoyono Children's Library, Welcoming Village(open in Feb 2019)
I will go to Kesennuma about twice a month from November 2018, shoot the events and interviews from the exchanges and make them video works. If you would like to exchange takoyaki party and Indonesian people together please contact us.

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Project02Cycling and Exhibition

"200km Cycling, Sanriku and Aceh"

<date> Mar 12-14, 2019
<rout> Sendai-Ishinomaki-Minami Sanriku-Kesennuma-Otsuchi (about 270km)
<exhibition> Mar 15-17, Otsuchi Cultural Exchange Center "Oshacchi"

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Project03Art Tour

"Knowing someon's thinking makes your world wider: Anywhere Pintu Walking in Sanriku"

<Destination> Sanriku International Art Festival area centered on Kesennuma and Otsuchi
<date> March 13-19, 2019
<Participant> Aceh people
※You can interact with the Aceh people at the film festival and Oshiruko Cafe on March 16, or the exchange meeting on March 17.

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Project04Exchange Party over Food and Video

"Oshiruko Cafe/Community Art Film Festival in Otsuchi"

<place> Otsuchi Cultural Exchange Center "Oshacchi"
<date> March 16, 2019

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Project05Exchange Talk Meeting

"Sanriku and Aceh, Dialogue to the Future"

<place> Otsuchi Cultural Exchange Center "Oshacchi"
<Date and time> Sunday, March 17, 2019 (Sun) 10: 00-15: 00
<Panelist> Mr. Rahmadhani, Mr. Hiroyasu Yamauchi, Young people from Aceh etc.

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Project06Exchange Project by Painting and Exhibition

"Kesennuma and Aceh after 15 years"

<place> Earthquake disaster ruins: Kesennuma Koyo High School
<date> Exhibited from the opening of the end of March 2019
<Painting> Children of Aceh and Kesennuma